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Introducing the official Videography Business Guide 2019 (Vol. 1)


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4 Defeat-Based Mindsets That Keep Your Business Stagnant

The development and growth of the internet has opened new doors to opportunity for entrepreneurs. In times past, information was not readily available. Today, we can read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts, take online classes and even learn through social...

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Watch: Slow Motion Porn from Phantom’s 11,750 fps Camera

The new Phantom v2640 ultra high-speed camera offers an astonishing 11,750 fps in full HD. Source: Watch: Slow Motion Porn from Phantom's 11,750 fps...

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How to NOT hire a second shooter and ruin a wedding

In this episode Henry Finn shares his tips and experiences on hiring people for weddings and other video productions.

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VA Episode 040: Magic words to find out a clients budget

In today's episode, we learn three ways to say the same thing: Magic words to learn a client's budget and help you prepare yours properly to make more money and not lose out. After using the magic words, just nod and say okay I’ll keep that in mind to whatever they...

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Episode 039: How to lose a business relationship and never get a referral

In today's episode we use personal anecdotes to show what NOT to do in the world of videography.. listen closely boys and girls this is a super useful episode Subscribe to The Videography Academy podcast: Itunes (Iphone Users) Google Play Music (Droid Users) Spotify...

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Episode 038: How to pitch clients in-person for success

Do you want to improve your in-person presentation skills? This is a valuable skill required for success in videography, because in the end you are always the lead salesperson for your business and must conduct yourself accordingly. A great first impression is usually...

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