Episode 37: How to Make Money as a Videographer with George Edmondson

George Edmondson is a freelance video creator. He has been a fulltime freelancer for four years, and started his business with cheap dslr and iMovie. He's been able to grow into a consistent six figure income, and is in the early stages of building a production company. He also is the creator of the Facebook Group “Video Creators that Care about Making Money”.

Topics we cover in the interview:

  • How to go all in on a videography business
  • How to assess the risk of leaving your job to start a videography business
  • How to get your first sales as a videographer
  • How to make money and talk about money in your videography business
  • How to fire a difficult client
  • How to have work/life balance as a videographer

George’s Business Website:


Facebook Group “Video Creators that Care about Making Money”:


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