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  • What does it take to land a six-figure project? What does the budget look?

  • How much money do you really make on a job? Because remember, it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep.

  • What are some major pain points I need to avoid when I am starting a commercial gig to avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars.

  • How do I direct and manage celebrities and the ultra wealthy/successful?

  • Do I have to hire employees?

  • How do I get my clients to refer me to other $100k jobs?

Get inside answers from an industry expert in our 1-day workshops launching around the world 2019-2020

This class is for those that want to start making substantial leaps in their income generating activities, such as:

  • Filmmakers that want to learn how to turn their skills into money and finally get paid well to do what they love

  • Filmmakers that want to build a side business to support their creative arts

  • Videographers that want to transform into a commercial business and make a giant financial leap

  • Marketers that want to add video productions into their client offerings

  • Agencies that want to add another income vertical to their business

  • Producers that want to build a business whether solo or with a team

  • Those who are hungry to start winning six-figure jobs, do fun commercial work, and level up their business.

  • If you are struggling to figure out how to get commercials, this is the class for you.

  • If you want to know the real inside scoop on how much money you can make, this is the class for you!

I’m going on a tour to share my knowledge and an inside look at producing commercials. I will be teaching in San Francisco, LA, and New York to start.

In the workshops you will get an insiders look at the secrets to producing commercials, as well as a full binder of resources including documents, checklists, etc.

It is the most valuable commercial producing workshop you will find anywhere!